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A Prayer of The Afflicted to Mary - Laminated Prayercard

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A Prayer of The Afflicted to Mary

Mary, My Mother, help me believe in Christ's love, even when affections weigh heavily on me. Let Christ's message comfort me: "Come to me, all of you who are wearied from toil and heavily burdened, and I will refresh you." Keep ever present in my mind Our Lord's special love for the sick and His countless miracles on their behalf. If there is no cure in store for me, O Mary, let my faith remain intact in Christ's loving designs on me. I do believe that the only reason why a cure is not granted me is God's special love for me. It is His merciful intention to keep me closer to His Divine Son is the fulfillment of the mystery of the Redemption of the world. It was necessary that Christ should suffer and die, for the Easter Light and Glory to rise for all men. May my sharing in Christ's sufferings and miseries help bring charity and peace to all mankind. O Mary Immaculate, give me the strength I need to accept with joyful resignation the amount of sickness, of infirmity God has in store for me. Then only, I know, the salvation of many will be hastened. Amen.