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Donna Cori Gibson - Prayers of the Great Saints

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Donna Cori Gibson - Prayers of the Great Saints

1. Most High and Glorious God ( St. Francis of Assisi)

2. Restless ( St. Augustine)

3. Pour Your Love On Me ( St. Basil)

4. When I Lift Up My Heart ( What goes on during Mass)

5. 1000 Souls ( St. Gertrude the Great)

6. Day By Day ( St. Richard)

7. Bookmark God Alone ( St. Teresa of Avila)

8. Only Today ( St. Therese of Lisioux)

9. Thy Will Be Done ( St. Francis de Sales)

10. Breastplate of St. Patrick

11. Spiritual Communion

12. Be Still 

This collection of prayer-songs is designed to meet you in your busy day with some up-tempo beats and energetic melodies. While teaching how the saints have prayed, each song gets slower and slower until lastly there is just a wash of relaxing sounds and silence to help you to finally rest in some quiet prayertime and (ideally) contempation, essential for every God-seeking soul.