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Prove It! Series by Amy Wellborn - Jesus , Prayer

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$ 7.00 - $ 9.95
0 - 1pcs:   $ 9.95
2 - 3+pcs:   $ 7.00


Prove It! Series by Amy Wellborn - regular $ 9.95 each 

Available Titles :  

  • "Prove It! Jesus 

gives you the true facts about Jesus, including who He really was, whether the Gospels are reliable historical accounts of His life, what's behind all the miracle stories, evidence for the Resurrection, and most important, what it all means for you." Taken from back cover.

  • Prove it! Prayer 

"You want a deeper prayer life that will help you form a closer relationship with God. But how? And how do you resolve all the questions you have about prayer now that you're older?" Taken from back cover.