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Restless Heart - The Confessions of Augustine

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430 A.D. The Roman Empire is beginning to crumble. The Vandals and other marauding tribes spill through the gaps in Roman defenses. And one of the greatest saints of the Christian church stands between his flock and the barbarian invaders. As he attempts to negotiate between the proud Roman authorities and the implacable Vandal King, Bishop Augustine recalls his own life before Christianity... 

In this stirring and epic new film on the life of St Augustine of Hippo, follow the great saint as he rises from his reckless days as a youth to his accomplishments as a renowned but dissolute orator. Though worldly success and riches come his way, including a position in the imperial court of Milan, satisfaction and peace elude him. It takes a confrontation with the Christian bishop Ambrose and the countless prayers offered by his patient mother, Monica, to break through his intellectual pride. Starring Alessandro Preziosi, Monica Guerritore, Johannes Bandrup, and Franco Nero. 

Special 2-Disc Collector's Edition Special Features Include:

- Original full-length 203-minute film - 133-minute theatrical-length film - Saint Augustine, a 27-minute documentary hosted by Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR - 24 page Collector's Booklet and Study Guide