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The Friar : The Unmerciful Servant - Children's DVD - EWTN

The Friar : The Unmerciful Servant - Children's DVD - EWTN


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  -approximately 30 minutes - Includes English and Spanish versions!   The Friar : The Unmerciful Servant  Father John and his friends: Renata--the girl, Timothy -- the mouse, and Leopold -- the frog, explore the Parable of the Unmerciful Servant in this lively children's program. The Friar : The Unmerciful Servant.

Animated stories, catchy songs, and vivid puppetry bring the parable to life and help your kids understand its spiritual significance. The lessons they learn are further illuminated by the story of Saint Juan Gualberto who embodies the virtues taught in the parable. This delightful EWTN Home Video is sure to entertain your kids while they learn!  

The Friar - Father John teaches his friends Renata, Timothy, and Leopold, the different parables from the Bible and examples in the lives of the Saints through animated stories and songs. 

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