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The Hobbit - Joseph Pearce - 8 part video Course - ( 4 DVD Set / Lecture Guide)

The Hobbit - Joseph Pearce - 8 part video Course - ( 4 DVD Set / Lecture Guide)


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Catholic Courses   Course No. C505

The Hobbit - Discovering Grace and Providence in Bilbo's Adventures - Professor Joseph Pearce 

8 Lectures / approx. 30 minutes each / includes Lecture Guide, Disc 1-1. Bilbo's Pilgrimage / 2. An Unexpected Parting.

Disc 2-3. Trusting in "Luck" / 4. Goblins and Gollum.

Disc 3- 5. Bilbo Comes of Age / 6. The Return of the King. 

Disc 4- 7. The Dragon Sickness of Pride / 8. Blessed Be the Poor in Spirit.  

In this companion course to The Hidden Meaning of the Lord of The Rings, Professor Joseph Pearce highlights the "fundamentally religious and Catholic" nature of Tolkien's famous novel, The Hobbit, or There and Back AgainAlthough Tolkien might have written the book for his children's entertainment, the best children's literature always has a deep level of meaning, and the Hobbit is no exception. Bilbo Baggins of Bag End and his adventures can serve as a mirror for our pilgrimage through life. Even though we won't find ourselves travelling through goblin-infested mountains, chased by spiders, or threatened by trolls, we can see through Bilbo's journey that virtue is only attained, with the aid of grace, by slaying the monsters which try to prevent our passage into eternal glory. 

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