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Turning the Tide - Dignity, Compassion and Euthanasia - DVD

Turning the Tide - Dignity, Compassion and Euthanasia - DVD


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Have you ever thought what our world would be like if: Doctors could influence who gets to live and who gets to die? Committees decided who is a person and who is a "non-person"? Radical personal autonomy were used to pressure vulnerable people? How do you frame the rules for killing. Once killing is an accepted solution for human suffering? What is the meaning of true compassion and dignity?

In 2005, efforts to change the laws to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide were before the legislative bodies in Canada and California. In both cases the legislation did not pass. However the efforts to legalize assisted suicide have not abated.

Catherine Frazee, Wesley Smith, Jean Echlin, Bobby Schindler, Adrian Dieleman and Senator Sharon Carstairs (former Chair of the Senate Committee on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide, Canada) bring a wealth of personal experience and insight to a society that would be at risk if assisted suicide were legalized. They expose the oversimplification flaws and myths surrounding safeguards. Pain management and suffering.

Together they differ tangible solutions as to what needs to be done to improve the quality of life for all concerned and make a strong case that vulnerable people are directly threatened by euthanasia and assisted suicide. It's time to let our voices be heard because if the laws are changed. We'll be fighting for our lives. It's time we started turning the tide.

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